I am running for school board because I believe all students deserve a quality education. Quality education can change lives. Every student deserves the opportunity to acquire the skills they will need to be successful in a rapidly changing world.

I believe these things because over the past 15 years I have worked with students in the heart of Philadelphia AND Duplin County. There are plenty of differences between the two but there are far more similarities. All students want to feel safe. All students want to feel that they matter. All students do better when they know someone cares.

I am a mother, a wife, and an education professional. Wilmington is my home, and I am committed to making the New Hanover County Schools better for ALL students; not just my student. I promise to listen, collaborate, and advocate for our children, our educators, and our future.


All students deserve access to high quality education to prepare them for the global society they will live and work in. One way to enhance learning is by bringing more relevance into the classroom through Magnet programs. New Hanover County already has several magnet schools including Spanish immersion, Engineering, Art and Design, and others.

Increasing relevance in education increases a student’s desire to learn about topics that interest them. If our programs placed more focus on providing career relevant opportunities, externships, and industry specific speakers, they would begin to attract students from across the county. Strong magnet programs can help ease overcrowding and minimize the desire for neighborhood schools.


Today’s CTE is yesterday’s Vo-Tech. Career Technical Education prepares real students with real skills to get real jobs. New Hanover County recently opened SEA-TECH High School. Those students will be able to work towards industry recognized certifications. Students can begin their careers in IT, health services, construction or other fields right out of high school. THAT is how we prepare our students for their future.


If you do not feel safe, you cannot learn.

Safe schools can mean different things to different people. It can be about physical safety under threat from gun violence or bullying. Less obvious but equally important, is the emotional safety of our students. The environment that some of our children grow up in is difficult. I believe that we create safer schools through relationships; protection through prevention.

What can we do?

One option is to secure additional funding for the resources schools need to support the whole child. Children do not always have the coping mechanisms they need to thrive in difficult conditions. The statistics below show the recommended ratios for each of these positions that help support children’s mental and emotional needs. There is room for improvement.
Recommended ratio for:
● Counselors to students 1:250
o North Carolina is 1:413
● Social worker 1:250
o North Carolina is 1:1,922
● Psychologists 1:700
o North Carolina is 1:2,483
● School nurse 1:750
o North Carolina is 1:1,072